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State of the art technology. When you join us, you gain access to Infinex Investments Technology solutions to help ensure you get the most from your technology systems.

Tools and Resources for the Financial Advisor.

When you join Infinex, you gain access to the Technology solutions to help ensure you get the most from your technology systems. 

Technology is designed by and for financial advisors and includes data aggregation for all your client's holdings.

Better Serve Clients

  • Review assets by metrics such as client, automated household, and custom household

  • Create consolidated statements on demand or by an automation generation schedule

  • Sort clients by holdings, profitability, age, or by custom-created segments

  • Boost efficiency with e-sign and e-delivery

  • View holdings details such as benefit values, exchange dates, withdrawals, additions and fees

Monitor Business Profitability

  • Track AUM and production goals

  • Track key business indicators by household, product sponsor, age, revenue and more

  • Navigate trends by identifying revenue fluctuations

  • Identify investable assets

Maximize Time

  • Use less paper and reduce "not in good order" rejections with guided form completion

  • Integrate CRM with the Electronic Order Entry system

  • Get all the info you need in one place with centralized sponsor data

  • Reduce redundancy with single sign-on

  • Streamline your workflow with quicker signature options and efficient trade entry


INFINET Dashboard

View all of your clients’ assets with just a click – See each client’s assets from multiple sources on one single interface. Viewable assets include clearing firm, mutual funds, fixed and variable insurance, third parties and more. Also, easily pull up enhanced holdings pages for viewing riders, subaccounts and other activity.

See real-time consolidated statements – Pull detailed client reports without waiting or digging around – perfect for on the spot annual reviews or whenever you want complete, real-time information, fast.

Customize the Dashboard to fit your business – Configure up to 30 different customizable access points that allow you to view commissions, client assets by product type or client age – and whatever other categories fit your preferences. Add other sites and pages to your favorites bar right in the Dashboard for easy navigation.


MoneyGuidePro®, created by PIEtech℠, makes the client experience consistent and quality financial plans possible on a large scale. It increases your efficiency and enables you to add value to the planning process based on your experience, knowledge, and relationship.

We help you run your business efficiently. Paper-free solutions reduce clutter and keep essential information handy. E-Signature turns paperwork into quick, streamlined digital solutions. Collectively, it’s paper-free and hassle-free.​

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