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One platform. Multiple solutions. Fully integrated. The future of the financial services industry is advisory, and with the Infinex Wealth Solutions platform, you’ll be prepared to meet your clients’ needs and tomorrow’s regulatory requirements, head on.

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Flexible Wealth Management Solutions


Infinex WealthSolutions - Clients have a wide range of investment needs, and Infinex is designed to deliver. It’s the only wealth management platform that allows you to act as portfolio manager and leverage carefully selected, world-class money managers, or combine one or more options all in one place.

  • BNY Mellon Wealth Management - Provides wealth management services to high net worth individuals, families, endowments, and foundations.  BNY Mellon offers expertise across all asset classes and specialties including:  equity, fixed income and alternative investments.

  • Envestnet/PMC - Creates and manages asset-allocated mutual fund and ETF strategies based on its ongoing manager research and due diligence.  These strategies include several model portfolio offerings as well as unified managed accounts and separately managed accounts.

  • INFINEX WealthSelect - Offers competitively priced asset allocation models driven by a strategic, top down approach.  Models include both actively managed mutual fund and passive indexed ETF versions.  Features of the platform include a superior level of customer service and attractive long-term performance relative to benchmarks.

  • Lockwood Investment Services - Offers multiple fee-based investment solutions all grounded in the same disciplined investment philosophy.  These solutions include:  separately managed accounts, mutual fund/ETF wrap accounts, discretionary unified management accounts and discretionary mutual fund/ETF wrap accounts.

Third-Party Asset Managers (TPAM)


Most successful representatives make building and sustaining strong client relationships their top business initiative. Using a third-party asset manager (TPAM) typically provides you with a comprehensive investment solution. This approach encompasses asset allocation, client profiling, mutual fund and manager selection, separate accounts, performance reporting and good back-office support. 

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