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We offer a product-neutral environment. We have no mandates or sales quotas so our advisors always have the freedom to choose the investments and products that are right for their clients – every time. Infinex offers a wide array of investments for clients that meet the full range of suitability requirements, and Infinex is constantly looking for new products to suit the needs of our affiliated financial advisors to help them broaden their house of investment solutions.

Infinex's broad selection of products and services enables your financial institution to offer access to a wide range of investment and insurance solutions to your clients:

  • Fixed, immediate, indexed and variable annuities

  • Life insurance

  • Long-term care

  • Mutual funds and ETFs

  • Bonds: CMOs, treasuries, corporate, municipals, CDs

  • Stocks

  • Fee-based advisory solutions*

  • Retirement plans

  • Unit investment trusts

  • Disability insurance

* Advisory services may be offered only by an Investment Adviser Representative of Infinex Investments, Inc..

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